Monday, 28 November 2016

moose information report

moose information report🐂
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A moose is mammal, that lives the life span of 15-20 years and can grow 1.5m-2.0m with the average weight of 820 kg.  They are herbivorous and eat a diet mainly of grass and plants

Moose are usually sighted around rivers,lakes and wetlands and feed on grass in the northern areas of Asia and Europe, during the winter moose remain in the same area as their body is built for cold weather and does not lose a lot of heat because they have a lot of body mass. If necessary moose will find shelter in forests with pine, fir or spruce.

Moose prefer to eat shrubs plants mainly at head height, so they won’t have to reach down to ground level which can cause their antlers to become caught or become hard for them to lift their head off the ground as their antlers are very heavy.  As moose also live around wetlands, they eat aquatic plants above and below the water.  During the winter their diet consists of pinecones and shrubs because the grass is usually covered in snow in the areas they stay.

Packs  of wolves and bears are the main predators of a moose, the more vulnerable mooses like the sick and young are the main ones that are picked off and killed first.  Moose usually protect themselves with their sharp hooves and horns, and usually remain safe with this self protection.

Moose are believed to be the most extinct species in the deer family, but population is rising steadily.  Mooses are unique beasts, and strong to last through many weather conditions.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Interior Design

Interior Design
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Interior design is one of the younger careers in history as it is just over one hundred years old, it originally consisted of common sense, good taste and natural talent, but what is interior design like now?

Who are interior Designers, what do they do?
Interior Designers are involved in both structural alters and design, meaning they make sure the interior of homes are safe, healthy and styled.  They use their skills in two main different areas domestic and commercial settings.
Domestic interior design is designing or creating in residential areas. While commercial designing is used for office spaces and businesses
There are occasions when interior designers work with architects and engineers to determine the look of the interior space when the work is complete.

Skills and Qualifications
Designing skills are based strongly around management, creativity and organisation, though you must still have a knowledge of safety regulations and, materials, products and architectural history.
Training or studying can contain 1-3 years as an apprenticeship, in poly tech or at university

Experience and Salary
Does experience affect your job opportunities or salary? Yes, an interior designer who has been working for under five years receives 45-65 k per around the average wage in New Zealand, but after five years the income rises to 65-95 k per year. Experience also gives a larger possibility of payment because as years go on your reputation grows.

Promotional and other Job Opportunities
Promotional opportunities are increased in studying as it grows with, associate's than bachelor's, master's, Doctorate, certificate diploma and graduate certificate as the highest.  Taking the same course as an interior designer job opportunities branch out to careers such as Interior and spatial designer, Exhibit designer(designing shows and exhibition for museums and businesses etc.), Production designer (A designer responsible for the overlook of a Theater/TV/Film) and visual merchandiser (designers that set up 3D displays to advertise products.)

A job as interior designer appeals to me, by how much the job is your own creativity, and the fact there are so many other jobs that I could adapt to with the same course.

Monday, 17 October 2016

What course do you take to become a interior designer?

Do interior designers remodel the people’s building itself from the inside?    

Does experience affect your pay and publicly?

What range of people do they work with?

Are there different levels in the career of interior designing?

What skills are needed to become an interior designer?

Is there a dress code?

What sort of jobs could you take with an interior designing study
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Thursday, 13 October 2016


I hope to learn if this job could be a an achievable and enjoyable job.

I also want to learn what work is involved  in becoming a designer and working as one

To answer my question to the full potential