Wednesday, 13 August 2014

                       BOOK REVIEW
                    Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen MahSTORY SUMMERY Chinese Cinderella, is based on a true story about the author (Adeline Yen Mah.)
In this story it tells about a girl, a girl that was treated like a pest in her family's presents, a girl that was ready to believe she was nothing.
At school she lived in a way better world, Adeline studied hard and became popular among the students for her talent in education.  She began to make dreams thinking maybe her stubborn parents would let her go to collage and escape her terrifying life.
 Adeline was smart, then soon began class president.  Her class mates not knowing however what type of household she lived in, arrived on her doorstep for a surprise party.  But  Adeline's mother heard about it and was enraged, for long ago she had forbidden Adeline to have any fun.
As the story comes to an end, she finally given permission by her father to live her dream, going to collage.

WHY I LIKED THIS BOOK?I had a lot of fun in reading this book, every time I would finish a page, I wouldn't be able to stop myself before I'd mindlessly flip another page.
It showed deep meaning as well, it showed you how privileged you really are, and that you'll never will looked at as nothing by every one.  Then once again if you looked deeper into the story,  there's love in every one, even in those you most despise.

I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS STORY FOR...People who like stories with good morals and for people who like to learn as Adeline did. It would also be a good book for those who need hope and aspiration.

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  1. What a fantastic book review Yneke, great reasons why you liked the book. This is a great book I really enjoyed it when I read it.