Tuesday, 5 August 2014

"Swish," a cloud of snow rose and flew to the ground, as my skis twisted into a neat curve, then with a bend of my knees I threw myself around another corner and then another as I set off down the track.

Soon I was rapidly beginning to  pick up speed, chucking large clumps of snow from the path.  Then in a flash my skis were sliding uncontrollably beneath, leading me directly to the bottom of the hill.  I shut my eyes tightly, I didn't want to feel the cold snow melting up my my sleeves, and I defiantly didn't want to lose my skis at this rate of speed.  But it all came, skis flew, hats slid off, but it wasn't finished with me yet' handfuls of icy snow was forced up my jacket.  I was soaked to bone!

It was much of a disaster just to fall, but much embarrassment as well, a ski instuctor had just chosen to bring her five year old crew down the exact same track!

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