Monday, 15 September 2014


There have been arguments that children shouldn't be smacked as a punishment.  Personally I think this is something that our government shouldn't take part in.  Parents should discipline their own  children.

Some adults can rebuke their children better with their hands, but some people control them better with their speech.

On the other side of this view it also depends on the children, some understand and listen better to a smacking hand then a gruff voice.

Then thirdly, it depends how mothers and fathers want their children to turn out, a spoilt snob or a mischief monkey.

Or maybe smacking shouldn't be allowed, little kids most likely don't want their first memory of being smacked, it'd be shocking, children could become terrified from their parents.  But then it should be allowed, they wouldn't dare do a thing wrong after a hard smack at a young age

But think about it is this really something the government should interfere with? 

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