Monday, 16 February 2015

BILLY THE KID (by Micheal Morpurgo)

Billy is a determinate young boy with quick reflexes, brilliant ball skills and a big dream.  This story is a realistic novel including some sad moments of his past and great triumphs.

It begins with the death of his father a man who had prepared on a life of football.  But the Burial didn't stand in the way of Billy's future , he came through life to play for the famous Chelsea team, but all tat came to an end when world war two over lapped them.

I would recommend this book for those who have high expectations of themselves, this book  could give people an extra push of determination.  It is a good book full of inspiration, dreams and accomplishments.
We are shown the life of people who lived within wars showing us the disaster and mess they lived in.  It reminds us to be thankful that we may live in a nuclear free country.  Maybe one day we too will travel the world and see the same sights they saw.

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