Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I walk into the room to see nothing except a confusing blur of giggling figures, everything goes as dream and before I know it I’m on the floor for prayers. 

Swimming is a great success, two days a week we walk down to the pool for a cool half hour lesson ending with another half hour in the changing rooms. Then comes technology something to good for words, except for the strike of boredom at playtime, the last bell rings in a hurry.

 The days fly by, I begin to feel a different sense of freedom, I felt more choice, but every now and then that wave of freedom would come over me.  What am I supposed to do how can I remember all this, but then again the noisy chatter would settle around again and I would put my head down and work.

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  1. This is an honest reflection of your experiences in the new term Yneke. Can you write another reflection on your thoughts now ? I would be interested. Let me know.