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Chapter Summaries

WALK IN MY SHOES (Summary,First 10 Chapters)

Chapter 1
Gulnessa sat restlessly on the the bus along with the others from her family and the next door neighbor’s son who had come with them to escape, letting her memories flood back to her again from the beginning.  The journey had gone in a blur,  the boat had been one of the worst terrors with the constant stench of seasickness hanging onto the ropes for dear life. Suddenly I just decided to black out the memories to the back of my mind, I just wanted to think about the strong thing I had treasured the few weeks before the light house where everything had been so beautiful and so secure. Would I be safe in Australia?

Personal comment on the chapter:  It start of slow and you have to read carefully to get a good hang of the story

Chapter 2
I shook awake as the bus came to a sudden halt in front of a high barb wired fence, a sickly feeling entered my stomach ‘Had we just come to Australia to met another war ’ I asked myself, had we just left our home to be imprisoned here.
We soon learnt here we would be checked of our health before we could actually become Australian citizens.  Everything was so exact breakfast, lunch and dinner was to be attended at the call of siren.  I hoped the rest of Australia had more freedom

Personal comment on the chapter:  This chapter builds up a lot of suspense and the story gets and i really want to know what's coming next.

Chapter 3
The routine of camp was easy to get used to, but still quite strange to all of us.  New things were discovered everyday.  Memory’s came again as well, the way my father had  cared the little lamb, he was so affectionate.  he always had time to give us his adorable presents.  He didn’t deserve to go, it was all the  terrors fault.

Personal response on the chapter: The chapters quite sad it mainly talks about her father but it doesn’t include a lot of information.
Chapter 4
I squeezed  my eyes shut and tried to fall asleep, all I could see was the past all rolling and rolling over again in front of my eyes;   
Dark figures approaching,  taking my Daddy away,  mum knocked to the ground lying so still, lifeless like.  Father’s dragged away leaving the last words ringing in my ears,  “I love youu sooo muuuch”  his voice drowned away and he was gone.

Mum met one of the nurse’s, Joanne, during one of the medical check up’s.   I met her later during one the following week.  A close contact came between them quickly soon mum was excepting fabric, scraps and needles from her.   Mum was almost back to her normal self being her motherly  self.    We came back for the next check up and nearly sang asking for Joanne.  she was suddenly pulled down when the the nurse shook her head as no in reply!

Personal Response on the chapter:   The story is clear and it’s easy to read quickly and it explains why and where her father went, which had been a bit of a mystery from the beginning.

Chapter 5
The boys are out playing cards and it’s a cold night this certainly didn’t come together well.  Last time a group of other young men had been playing, and the guards of course found their beds empty and called an assembly in the night air.  I called them back though with the request of mother,  which still took me through the cool night.

I fell into a restless sleep later that night I dreamed of the terror chasing and trying to find our family hidden in the old village well.  I awoke to my own voice screaming.  I comforted myself to sleep remembering the lighthouse night, the lighthouse night, I repeated the scene in my head

Chapter 6:
I always like the feel of being round Abdul he always told me what he knew everyone else either didn’t want to tell me or just didn’t know.  I knew I’d start our interviews soon though mother had told me that.  She had called me and Hassan together for serious conversation and strongly advised us to tell nothing but the truth about what had happened to the officers.  My mind drifted away midway of the lecture.  I thought of my last days of Afghanistan the campfires and laughter the time we were happy together the whole family; with our risks and jokes!  Mum snapped me back to attention.   They’ll be asking a lot question Gulnessa, a lot of questions!!  

Chapter 7:
Hassan is interviewed and receives a continuous amount of questions from the guards
Gulnessa remembers the time the terror invades.

Chapter 8:
Gulnessa has a serious talk with Abdul about the past and what may happen.

Chapter 9:
Gulnessa receives her first interview.

Chapter 10:
Abdul starts having interviews and finds it hard to hold back tears and to retell the horrors he’s seen.

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