Monday, 24 August 2015

HOOT BOOK REVIEW Book by Carl Hiaasen
Review by Yneke Edzes

Hoot is typical highschool narrative until it becomes involved with Roy (the main character) out of school life, he begins to find himself in hospitals, golf courses and pancake constructing sites!

Roy is the new kid at Trace middle and he’s beginning to feel that he always in the wrong place at the wrong time, first getting picked on by the regular school bully  then running from the bus crashing right into  the most popular girl at his high school and worse still, getting knocked out by golf ball, chasing after a strange running boy with bare feet.

Continuing to be bullied by Dana Matherson, the bully, Roy still thought about the running person what had he been running from, where had he been running?
Day’s past and he began to learn more about the boy and soon became acquainted with him, learning that popular girl at his high was actually related to him and that he had been preventing progress in a future pancake family restaurant for safety of little burrowing owls on the construction site.

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