Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Usually when people hear the word 'nutritionist or dietician' most people think of a person creating, others wouldn't even no what your talking about.  The fact of a person making new diets is not wrong but many won't look any further then that.

Nutritionists and Dieticians have a large series of jobs and opportunities within the range of their work, including Nutrition advisers and assistants, health trainer and nursery nurses at the level of 3-4 years; and midwives, practice nurses and Pharmacists at the level 5 years and over.

In all these Jobs they work at places such as Hospitals, rest homes, companies, Kitchens or meet people in a class.  Helping organise and encourage good health.

Jobs such as Food service managers, public health researchers and public relations are closely related to the work as a dietician as all of these act in a way that care and are concerned about your healthy eating as is a nutritionist.

The different types of work you could get in the job are separated by the level you have in your degree you take, beginning with Associate, then getting a Bachelors degree moving on to your Masters and then with the degree as a Doctorate, that being the highest. With still getting more complex and difficult work along the way.

There are many other places of work for a nutritionist all around the world beginning right in New Zealand

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