Sunday, 28 August 2016

Performancing Enhancing Drugs

I have a strong opinion that sport enhancing  drugs should not be made legal in the Olympic games; for the benefit of  themselves, their families and their countries.

Drugs are shortcut people use to cheat, to get ahead of others.  It tears down the pride of others who take part at the Olympics as a clean participant.  The training involved to prepare for the Olympics is more than a minor thing to be ignored.  Beaten participating players may be encouraged by the pressure of falling behind with sport ability  may use drugs that could affect in a negative result compared to other drug users.

Most of us look up to athletes as people  with perfect healthy bodies, and don’t often imagine these people with allergies, it is a fact 20% of Australian athletes allergic disorders.  These drugs  leave them behind from the athletes that have been legalized to be able to take performance enhancing drugs.  The comparison between those  able and those unable will leave an unfair competition to many people.

And lastly the negative effect drugs on our bodies, after the years of training drugs damage their bodies physically in a stretch of ways such liver and kidney problems and sickness. It also has a high chance damaging them mentally with depression and hallucinations and could stop many athletes ever participating in the sports they succeeded so well in.

In conclusion for the rights everybody, I believe that drugs should not be legal or used in the Olympics
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