Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Should University athletes receive money for professional sport?
Should University athletes receive money for professional sport?  In my opinion I believe they should.

If student athletes received money they would leave university with more than their education.  Even though many of them would be unable to continue with their sporting dream after university, we can conclude that with a salary they can continue comfortably till they find their new job.

With payment, it supports motivation.  Without the stress of financial problems, sports people are able to give more energy and do more valuable training.  People quote that wages also give the player a competitive streak, to show that they deserve their money.

Athletes have to be paid, for them to continue.  As they work over 40 hours with training and sport games, not including all the studying beside that, they don’t have time for part time jobs as most students would.  As it is many university students are already scraping money together for an education.

I think for the benefit of sports players health, they should be consistently be supported in all their sports and games

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