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moose information report

moose information report🐂
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A moose is mammal, that lives the life span of 15-20 years and can grow 1.5m-2.0m with the average weight of 820 kg.  They are herbivorous and eat a diet mainly of grass and plants

Moose are usually sighted around rivers,lakes and wetlands and feed on grass in the northern areas of Asia and Europe, during the winter moose remain in the same area as their body is built for cold weather and does not lose a lot of heat because they have a lot of body mass. If necessary moose will find shelter in forests with pine, fir or spruce.

Moose prefer to eat shrubs plants mainly at head height, so they won’t have to reach down to ground level which can cause their antlers to become caught or become hard for them to lift their head off the ground as their antlers are very heavy.  As moose also live around wetlands, they eat aquatic plants above and below the water.  During the winter their diet consists of pinecones and shrubs because the grass is usually covered in snow in the areas they stay.

Packs  of wolves and bears are the main predators of a moose, the more vulnerable mooses like the sick and young are the main ones that are picked off and killed first.  Moose usually protect themselves with their sharp hooves and horns, and usually remain safe with this self protection.

Moose are believed to be the most extinct species in the deer family, but population is rising steadily.  Mooses are unique beasts, and strong to last through many weather conditions.

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